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9/23/2017 1:04:06 AM
B+ blood with E+C+e+c+ but anti-e like antibodies? I had some severe anemia a couple years ago due to a probable stomach bleed and low iron. After I was admitted they sent out for some blood to transfuse me with, but in the end decided to recommend against transfusion because of the anti E like antigens in my blood. They said with my results they would expect me to have had a transfusion in the past or been pregnant in the past but that was not the case. I've been on birth control since I began bei ng sexually active, and despite having had surgeries in the past I have never needed a transfusion. Here are my relevant test results:

My hematologist at the time said it looked like it could be an autoimmune sort of thing but with no evidence of symptoms he really didn't feel the need to delve into the mystery. Now I am trying to become pregnant I am wondering if these old test results are something I should worry about for if I were to become pregnant. My mother has a history of some autoimmune disorders (vitiligo, hashimotos) and though I've tested negative in the past for hashi, I dont know what else could be going on in my blood or if it is at all worrying. Any advice would be appreciated!
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