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9/4/2019 8:19:52 AM

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VR is the new technology of the 21st century, a completely artificial environment created by the hardware-software complex. Virtual content includes digital material that can be viewed using virtual reality helmets, smartphones, and other devices. The main difference between VR and ordinary 2D photos or videos is the full immersion effect. And this means that the user is not just involved in visual content, having the ability to see the image from all angles, but also can interact with it. He is completely immersed and feels the created virtual world. You can create VR content in different ways, depending on the content itself. Virtual reality can be either a 360 photo or video, or 3D model, or complete immersion using, for example, virtual glasses or cardboards, where, with the exception of 360 / 3D graphics, the user can interact with the image using sensors and sensors located on digital device.