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5/12/2019 10:28:34 PM

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I have been regretting that so many beautiful times in the university have been wasted. If I used all the time, I should be a lot easier, but the best time has been lost. No matter how regretful, it will not help. The best thing is to cherish the moment, make good use of every minute of the present, but the pressure of reality makes me breathless. I think that many difficulties in reality make us feel powerless about the pursuit of dreams, but we still persist. If we do not experience a series of difficulties, it is fantasy rather than dreams. I think my dream is the pursuit of literature, maybe Destined to live together with the words, in the ocean of literature, and the connection with literature has to start from a small time, perhaps because it was precocious at that time, from childhood literature has become a glimmer of my life, giving me a dark childhood Projecting a glimmer of light, and that smearing became my belief in going down this morning. I remember reading a lot of famous works when I was in junior high school. At that time, I didn��t know the profound truth in literature, but the beautiful light seemed to be like Illuminated my young heart, now the storyline does not remember, but because of the edification of literature, my character has more resilience, as one sentence said, although the book you have read does not remember, but it Will become the nutrients in your life and become your temperament. I still remember when I was young, my friend asked me, I grew up thinking about what, and I said, I want to be a scientist, because scientists will study some strange things. Maybe I was a restless person from an early age, I like to try different things. I still do this, I am not satisfied with the status quo, I like a unique way of thinking. On the other hand, because of childhood, without family companionship, I have more responsibility and responsibility for my younger shoulders, because I have to take care of my younger brother, but also have lost corners, because I am afraid that I will take him bad, Too precocious, more melancholy than the same age face, due to the pressure of these realities, I am used to looking for some perfect corners in the books. Because of the habit of reading books in junior high school, my articles have always been very high, but on the other hand, it is not good because children who lack love, like to put their feelings on one thing, so for children who like to learn, Learning has become the only fulcrum of his life, so no doubt that what I like is a part of my life, and it has become my courage to go. Once this condition is destroyed, it will easily make him stunned, so he will go to high school. He is very self-willed and immature. As long as it is not in line with my thoughts Marlboro Cigarettes In Bulk, I will completely negate it. So high school is my worst and my most arrogant. At that time, because for some objective reasons, the way I took is not what I expected, so literature became a pain in my heart, hate Cheep Newports With Stamps, so I have not seen a book in three years, but also quarreled with the teacher, actually said I am embarrassed to come out Buy Us Marlboro Online. The high school teachers and classmates always shook their heads for me, because I let myself go, so I can��t, I remember that my own days were so light, I didn��t feel a sense of landing, I always felt like I was floating in the air. And then my own waywardness has brought a lot of price to myself. My life is almost always my personality development, and my ignorance and childishness have also brought me a big blow Newport Cigarettes With Newyork Stamps, and I have been paying for my childishness and willfulness. Even for a while Cigarettes Marlboro 100'S, I can't come out because I can't forgive myself who made mistakes. I always feel that I shouldn't do this. I almost collapsed at the time, I couldn��t forgive myself and my life was always in the haze. My mother was a less active person, so my character has not been very optimistic, so my character is my mother. With the projection of childhood experience, it is more inferior and depressed than the average person, so I learned to save myself earlier, because when I was young, I was thinking about why people lived. At that time, I didn��t understand philosophy, but I still went to see some. A mature book, and then to high school, this childish and mature alternation, the gap between reality and dream, a special period will always collide with a lot of powder, the average person's powder is colorful, because this is a wonderful time, and It was grey and heavy for me, so that after a long time I still think of myself. After this time, I reappeared the desire to write and picked up the hobby I had lost. So the book of philosophy finds some meanings of life. It is more simple to say that it is self-help. Just as Zhou Guoping said, people who suffer generally choose either art or religion, but I choose art. For literature and art, I don��t. I know what it means to me, but I can't live without them. Maybe it will be difficult to turn it