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5/12/2019 10:28:22 PM

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The second person, this time, is a letter that I am writing to you in the future. On the day of welcoming you, life is a mess. And when I think of your arrival, I have no personality in my own personality, hello. Rarely so polite to talk to you, don't see it. Give a laugh to the Lord, joking, you have to forgive me, I am smaller than you. You saw this letter was written a long time ago, and it is not known whether you are in the middle of the world. I don't know you very much, and you know me who is writing these words, because I can only look at you from a distance Cartons Of Marlboro Red 100S, but you can meet me who is coming and thinking about passing. Whether you are high now or at low tide, mood is still stable, I want to talk to you seriously at this time. You have a lot of prospects for the future. You should be a joint venture of a machinery manufacturer, a travel company, a cultural media company; you should be a work fan who gets up at 7.00 in the morning and sleeps at 12.00 in the evening; you should be a bad alcoholic drinker. Good paper, but also a good man who is a good match with smokers and alcoholic. At this time, you eat alone, one person is in a daze, one person gets off work, one person spends all, can find himself, I don��t know loneliness; at this time, you can listen to every sentence that everyone and you have finished, and then The difference is not the same; this is the news network that you and your parents can watch together at 7.00 in the evening. You can talk about the ancient saying, the water is reasonable, and the future wife who is able to cook the hot dishes is polite. Yes, you are a few years old or young, I will get used to calling me a small direction instead of a husband, some naughty, and I will wait for you in a second Newport Cigarettes Coupons Online Free. I have been waiting for a long time. Seeing this message, I can feel that you are about to appear, so it is a little nervous Carton Marlboro Black Menthol 100. You first have to remind me to remind me, please slow down, I will open the door for you that you haven��t opened yet, and open the curtain for you to go sideways, so that you will come over with a smile. Don't panic, dear wife, see the word. I have heard such a sentence: "Every man has to be a woman's playboy, spend time on her, spend time with her." In the time of coming to meet you in the future, I have imagined you like many times, long hair or short hair, like to wear flat shoes or high heels, like the clothes of that color. When you appear, use your finger to point me at the moment I am still seeing you drunk. After all, the meeting is too short, and it will be difficult. They all said that men are 30 hurdles, among them, they are trying to set up our house, learning to make a few side dishes and writing a beautiful letter to the father-in-law of the mother-in-law, preparing a massage chair... His heart, and then feel good, let this feeling very good. One of the cores of Confucianism is "respect for the dear", respect for the respected person, dear dear person, this is also a gentleman's good fortune, and you will support the dear future when I write to you, I Still not married, but also more fun. I also talked with you about these words after seeing Mr. Yu Guangzhong��s literary talents. Now I am better than the solid Carton Marlboro Reds 100, how much material wealth I have to measure later, but I hope you don't rely on this, you can do it. When you were born in an ordinary or a good family, the child, I hope that you are an idealist from beginning to end, because only in the face of the ideal is lucky to have a net of fish Cheep Newports With Stamps. You can be a farmer, an engineer, an actor, a tramp, but you must be an idealist. Despite your struggle, the idealist's ending is tragic and unreasonable. I can tell you a few words by the wisdom of Mr. Yu Lao, and I also tell myself to listen to my children. Now I have not thought of your name, because this has to respect your mother��s thoughts, you are in contact with others. I also hope to keep a sigh of joy. As for what can be gained in this way, how much strength I have in my experience. This is a great way to cherish the feeling of gathering. It is not easy to have a stage. It is a stage of rebellion. This is the stage you desire and go to independence. You are an independent person. No one can obliterate your independence unless you Secular compromise. To learn to appreciate the truth, you must see the truth under the heavy mask. You will also learn that life is a phased adjustment and have the courage to face up to your shortcomings. In the year of growth, you will gradually encounter people who are better than you and better than you. To walk with them, don't feel inferior and avoid. Face them, they will face you as much as you write to the future, about yourself, about her, about you. Remember that ideals can make people outstanding, talents can bring people closer together.