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4/29/2019 1:26:48 AM

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Driving hundreds of kilometers, we went to see a castle in the desert Gobi - colorful city. It is the city, there should be the screams of the market vendors, the bustling people, the whistle of the car. However, these may be just for the past. Once Buy Newport 100'S Cigarettes Online, a disaster that people could not escape made the creatures here disappear instantly, leaving only the empty castle, waiting quietly here. I stood in the middle of the empty castle and looked at the dilapidated castle to imagine her glory. Empty, empty, I can almost hear the echo of my heartbeat. There are many times here, but every time I am in a hurry, and hurriedly, it seems that I have never looked at this empty castle. It is rare to come here again today, and it is rare that I can calm down and appreciate this silent castle. A series of buildings of varying heights are piled up in a mess. There are several slightly taller buildings around this messy pile of things, forming a circle, encircling these messy things, like protection. They all have colorful colors on their bodies, such as the colors that people deliberately smear on these buildings, so beautiful and so bright. I suddenly felt that she was not silent, she was fresh and she was agile. She is like a dancer, dancing with a proud figure, waving bright long sleeves, dancing and enjoying it to everyone who comes here. Because no one in the desert Gobi will come with her. She is too lonely. She is afraid of being alone. So when the sun leaked out of the first rays of the sun, she began to dance until dark. She is tireless and never ends. Even if the hot sun made her sweat soak in the clothes, she never stopped. She seems to want to use her own dance to stop the pace of people leaving. I don't know what she has experienced Buy Wholesale Cigarettes Online, and I can't understand what she wants to say. I seem to feel her tears, but I see that she is still laughing, and the smile is so bright. The hot sun is still clinging to her Newport 100S Cigarettes Online, she is still dancing like an unconscious, but I suddenly feel that something is falling on me Newport 100S Bulk Buy, it is liquid Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale, I can hardly tell whether it is her sweat or tears. A few clouds in the sky seem to pity her hardship, slowly drifting to the top of her head, sometimes sheltering the sun for her, and sometimes dancing for her. She used her dance to win people's cheers. But when people appreciate her proud appearance, graceful dance, and gorgeous clothes, who can understand her hurt heart?