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4/29/2019 1:26:36 AM

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The night before, because of the training during the day, work can only be done overtime at night. At 8:30 in the evening, the night lights of the city are clear. Go to the parking lot and raise your head and twist your neck. Suddenly I found the phoenix-like moon in the sky. Checked the phone calendar, today's lunar calendar October 15. The special moon tonight is bright, like the chandelier at home - bright and transparent, and round and round. I stopped and looked up for a while Cheap Marlboro 100, and my tears flowed out. It turned out that such a beautiful month evokes my thoughts - homesickness, and definitely wants my parents. I often hear people say that the month is the hometown circle. I can see such a round moon in a foreign land. It should be that my gimmick, which has been in existence for more than ten years Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro, is regarded as my second hometown. It is also such a round moon to let me think about my hometown. Both parents are over seventy years old. During this time, they are a little busy at work, and they have to bring their children home. I used to call a few times a week, and now I haven��t called for weeks. The moon is still affectionate, especially the moon tonight! Hurry up and get into the car, get through the phone and talk to your parents... The parents in the phone are all understanding: knowing that you haven��t called home recently is definitely a busy job. Reflecting on yourself is objectively busy, but you can still do it by actually calling. Mainly because of their own subjective negligence, did not pay attention to call their parents. Thanks the moon! Thank you tonight's moon! In the future, there will be nothing to look up to see the sky hanging in the round miss this article a few days ago in the prose network, the password forgot Newport 100S Cigarettes Online, and now still can not enter the web page, today saw the audit passed, in Here, re-recording your own feelings, how long a flower can live, it is not known, but the joy and pain brought by the flowers, only the people who see the flowers know that in the short-term residence of Lucheng, there are several potted flowers on the office window sill. A well-known pot is Wenzhu, and the rest are not passed down. Looking at the smashed flower, the head can't lift it up, and my heart is not a taste Wholesale Newport. The yellow leaves of the bamboo leaves floated into the clothes with the wind, and the whole body was itchy. After a few days, after all, I couldn��t bear to see the flowering day gradually disappearing. I simply found the scissors and cut them in the basin. I thought about the so-called flower buds. I don't know if I love flowers, or my temper is lazy. Every time I drink the tea that I have left with my hand, I will pour into the flowerpot in my mind. I will see the tea that I have accumulated over my childhood. I always wonder if there will be a slender bamboo underneath. Just like a lost child constantly searching for the footprints of his parents, even if he lost the meaning of childhood guardianship. One day, the flowers are resentful, and I think that the flower pots have also been lost, making people feel clean. Just as I stretched out the abandoned hand, my high-vision ambly eyes lit up. In the ruined tea leaves, a new shoot that was slightly oily than the bean sprouts was bent out Marlboro Gold Without Duty Stamp. I gently licked the covered tea, really A Wenzhu! After entering the office every day, the first thing is to look at the newborn bamboo. The action of watering the tea is more familiar than before. Look at the tiny leaves of the bamboo leaves from the branches. Ye Hao Li let go, grow up day by day, but unfortunately there is no branch of the previous Wenzhu, lying on the edge of the flower pot. I want to bend sooner or later, it��s better to bend earlier than to bend early. After a few months, I have grown a piece of Wenzhu. It grows fast and the pole is erect. I think I am about to leave, giving me the care of my heart. . The life and death of a pot of flowers changed my mood. I want to spend my happiness, my heart is sad, why not spend more time thinking about raising flowers?