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3/14/2019 1:31:39 AM

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Returning in MLB The Show 19 is the fan-favorite Diamond Dynasty mode, and Sony San Diego has made a few improvement’s to the mode’s rewards. For those unfamiliar, Diamond Dynasty is essentially MLB The Show‘s version of “Ultimate Team” in EA’s FIFA or Madden franchises; you build a team of players – both present superstars and past legends – using the different cards you collect.

First up, XP Reward Path. The Diamond Dynasty XP Reward Path is self-explanatory. In XP Reward Path mode you can earn by playing anywhere in the game and earn some huge rewards based on your performance. From Diamond Players to special unlockable items, you can earn XP through any mode you play on.

In terms of improvements, Conquest mode has been overhauled to add new maps and new scenarios, such as attacking strongholds and stealing fans from other teams. The team has added more custom gear for players to use, like bat skins with flames or diamonds. Finally, Chocie Packs have been added to Ranked Seasons and Battle Royale rewards at higher levels. Come to now, you can buy MLB The Show 19 Stubs with fast delivery and 100% safety.

Now developer San Diego Studio is making moves for Diamond Dynasty in MLB the Show 19 to not only reduce the overall grind, but also give users more choice in how they meet their goals. Souvenirs and Immortals are no longer in the mode, and the grind is further broken up with a new XP system that doles out tiered rewards no matter which mode you play in. Furthermore, choice packs differentiate users’ lineups and make all programs more attractive, and quality of life-related additions like multiple lineups help make the mode more appealing this time around.

An MVP edition is available in both physical and digital versions for $70. Both of the pre-order bonuses from GameStop and PlayStation are the same as the regular edition, respectively. The difference between the physical and digital MVP edition is that you get a steel book case with the physical edition. Both versions of the MVP edition come with 6,000 stubs, one Prestige gear up choice pack, one Diamond Flashback, one classic stadium, 10 standard packs, and 30 custom avatars.

The Show 19 won’t have the cinematic presentation of other sports game career modes, but dialogue has been revamped to make your choices matter more. More robust dialogue options will impact your player’s progression, including conversations with both coaches, teammates, and rivals. Your choices in conversation will influence your own personality and how others in the clubhouse and around the league view you.