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3/5/2019 7:56:08 PM

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Foreword: From life to a book is the distance of thousands of miles, from a book back to life is equally out of reach. "I used to think that it was not easy to understand. Later I realized that world, and I will live up to this night, and I will make a thousand turns into acacia, and I will pay attention to the story, and I will be lucky in the spring. . The palm of your heart is convinced that the old days are beautiful, and the world is in the world Carton Of Newport 100S. Destined to hit, faintly repair, sorrow and affection, then let the world comment on the years that have been rushed like, and one after another, without a disease. Flowers bloom, long years, winter to spring, clouds and clouds, life is like chess, watching life as a song. Grass, can you be ruthless?! People are not sages, can you have nothing?! People are not dry, you can have no soul, choose the lightest mind Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, interpret the most rough life, I hope you will live for the rest of your life, someone will accompany you fresh clothes There are also people who are willing to accompany you to drift away, see the flames and flowers, enjoy the beautiful seasons, spring, summer, and autumn and winter. The world is still very big, I have to go and see, the world is still very real, you want to be in the world, the world is still beautiful, inadvertently, there will always be people who are silently watching you Newport Cigarettes Types, secretly loving you. With this great good year, quiet years, books as friends, companionship with the text, poetic life, read the truth, know the foot, share happiness, move often, warm and accompany. The young man is still young, the younger struggle, the breeze is not dry, the sun is just right, where to go and where to go, where to go to see. See the people you want to see, wholeheartedly, and love the people you want to love! The years are not forgiving, and I will never wait for you. I hope you, "There is no such thing in life, hate to return to the time," if not Those years of love. If you are not cool, you are willing to borrow your heart to slowly return, smoke and flowers, wind into the painting, sneak into the hearts of people, together with the pen and sword to go to the horizon. Paradoxical emotions, parasitic on our hearts, deepest love, treatment of dreams, even if the end, no time is warm. In the past years, I hope that you will be able to sleep with you in this quiet late night.����ߢ warmth, silently waiting for the sound. A song of the wind sings the heart of the people Newport Cigarette, and does not fly to attract the monarch. Shili Jingting opened the spring and watched the day envious of paper. "Clouds are on the water, you are in my heart", waiting until the surface of the lake is full of the moonlight of the city, but it outlines the shackles of you and me that have not yet been released. The one who is still waiting for us to appear in the same place, I hope that you are Still, can be as warm as ever. If you don��t want to pay off, you will be able to see the moon. I only hope that my heart will be like my heart. I hope that as psychologists say, love is the most magical mind in the world. It is both illusory and real Buy Newports Online. It is both out of reach and close at hand. It can make two original strange hearts intimate and let Those who were familiar with the other parted ways. Yes, he said it is really right, then the problem will come. What does it feel like to love someone, what is true love? And the question itself has no answer, because love is a feeling, only oneself. Only then can you understand that you can answer this question only yourself. Some people say that love is short-lived and will eventually be replaced by family. In fact, it is not entirely true, because family is the best companion of time, but the feeling of love at the beginning, but it will never fade. This article is also a passage analyzed by American German Jews, Eric Fromm, an internationally renowned humanistic philosopher, and psychoanalytic psychologist. It can be seen that his representative works "Escape from Freedom" and "For Your Own Man".