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2/27/2019 7:25:25 PM

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Far Cry New Dawn is set 17 years after what went down in Hope County in Far Cry 5 and does a good job of tying up loose narrative ends left by its predecessor. It’s full of colorful characters that players can recruit as companions called Guns for Hire. Some of the most entertaining dialogue in the game comes from these characters, and a few of them are individuals that survived the previous game and are making a return. However, one of the Guns for Hire available is called The Judge, a companion that does not speak and uses a bow and arrow to take enemies down silently. This lack of dialogue and mysterious persona has players wonder, who is The Judge in Far Cry New Dawn?

Although The Judge's identity isn't officially revealed, over the course of Far Cry New Dawn bits and pieces of the face behind the mask can be put together. Their silent nature, their prior relationship with Joseph Seed (that seems to stem from before the nuclear war at the end of Far Cry 5), and the fact that no character ever specifies the gender of The Judge all points towards one conclusion. The Judge is The Rookie, the playable character of Far Cry 5.

Sprinkled throughout the game, fans can find clues and conversations that heavily hint at the The Judge being The Deputy from Far Cry 5. The Deputy was the player character from Far Cry 5. They were a young rookie officer who became wrapped up in all the cult killing business of the game. Along the way, The Deputy helped the folks of Hope County fight and defeat Joseph Seed and his deadly cult. Come to now, you can buy Far Cry ND Credits with fast delivery and 100% safety.

All the evidence you need for The Judge being Rook is waiting inside the bunker on what used to be Dutch’s Island. Inside you’ll find scribbled notes written by Rook. These notes chart how Rook felt some very severe survivor’s guilt from living through the nuclear blasts with their friends’ fates unknown, and shows how they eventually succumbed to Joseph’s message and became a follower of his.

As for recruiting the tragic Judge to your cause, you certainly can as Judge is one of the 8 recruitable "Guns For Hire" AI partners you can have by your side. Simply play through the story unless you have rescued Joseph Seed from his sanctuary, and the New Eden group are on your side. Joseph will insist that the Judge accompany you in taking down the Highwaymen. The Judge is a stealth ally, and can take any enemy out without being detected. After 15 kills, animals won't attack you when the Judge is with you. And after 40 kills, the Judge will let loose three arrows at a target, which should destroy any opponent.