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2/18/2019 2:59:56 AM

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In the lately announcement, the developer team has confirmed the addition of RuneScape Farmhands (like Adam Antite the trapper), the Storm barn, as well as Baby Shakes Troll into the player owned farm. From the day of Feb. 4, you can expect more fun and harvest in the POF.

Farmhands to share your farm work

The team will add one trapper Adam Antite who helps retrieve unchecked animal, one Collector Callia who coverts and store excess animals in your breeding pen into unchecked versions, and eight Babysitters like Zygomaid who prevent animals growing past their adolescence. They can be bought with 1,000 - 3,500 magic beans from Granny Potterington. Besides, sending them on duty once will cost you 2 - 100 beans.

The Storm barn to store more animals

The Storm barn adds bank or inventory space that allows you to store up to 30 player-owned farm animals of any size. As long as you have reached 60 Construction, and had 5,000 Magic beans, you can build a farm barn with 15 animal-holding capacity, which can be updated up to 30 animals with 225 rune nails, 20 mahogany planks and 20,000 beans.

Baby Shakes for more deals

As a regular buyer, Baby Shakes Troll can be found at the entrance to the farmhouse, waiting to buy your farm animals one at a time, or all at once. He buys the animals with 10% value of the adolescent animals. Once the deal is done, the Baby Shake’s name will be changed into the name of the last animal he buys. Since there’s no buy limit for him, after deals, the Troll will remain at the farm for more deals.

Feb. 4 is not far away. Prepare to embrace the arrival of RuneScape Farmhands, Storm barn, as well as Baby Shakes Troll in player owned farm. Of course you can come to RSorder at any time if you need cheap RS gold.