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2/4/2019 5:48:38 AM

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Why does Gmail Stopped Working for You?Like any other web-based email service, Gmail also has its own limitations. Although Google is working tirelessly to make Gmail an absolutely problem-free email service there are many factors that can cause Gmail to stop working. Some of these factors are as follows:
Using Gmail on an unsupported or outdated internet browser.Too many caches stored in the browser causing hindrance in Gmail workflow.Improper configuration of your PC can also result in Gmail stopped working problem.Gmail not compatible with the device you are using.Forgetting Gmail login password.Gmail account blocked by Google.Disabled Javascript in your web browser.Antivirus and Windows firewall settings blocking Gmail to load properly.The 3rd partly extensions and add-ons in web browsers interfering with Gmail workflow.Whatever is the reason if you are unable to use Gmail then you probably miss some important emails. So, you should fix Gmail problems as early as possible.
How to Fix Gmail stopped working problem?“Gmail stopped working” is a generalized term used for different Gmail errors and issues. Steps to fix different Gmail issues are as follows:
Gmail won’t load or loading slowing
Generally, these kinds of issues are related to the web browser you are using. Here is how you can fix them.
First of all, make sure you are connected to a proper internet connection.The browser you are using should be readily compatible with the Gmail.Clear browser data such as cookies, cache, search history and try to load Gmail again.Temporarily disable add-ons and extensions one by one and run Gmail again.If the problem continues, then you may disable the Gmail labs and try to run Gmail again. .Forget Gmail Password
Forgetting the Gmail password is one of the main reasons why users have to face Gmail sign-in issues. Let’s go through the steps by which you can fix these problems.
Visit the Gmail login page and provide your Gmail email address.Then click on Forget password link. This will start the Gmail password recovery.Enter the last password you remember.Then, Gmail will send you a verification code either on your recovery phone number or alternate email id.Enter the received verification code.Create a new password for future login.