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1/25/2019 1:17:07 AM

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The story of Neverwinter took place a hundred years before the robbery of the Austrian law. A sudden magical catastrophe has forever changed the continent of Ferenc, and there is no escape from all over Feren. The mighty kingdom has fallen, the important cities have been overthrown, and the survivors have left the ruins of the monsters to rebuild the city. The Winterless City, known as the Pearl of the North, seems to have been blessed by the gods, although most of the Great Sword Coast suffered tremendous damage during the magical catastrophe, and Neverwinter City was well preserved.

However, all of this is only temporary, and it will eventually go to extinction. Seventy-five years after the magical catastrophe, the volcanic eruption caused the entire city to be submerged by the flame lava, and everything disappeared into history. Today, no winter city has restored its former glory, survivors have rebuilt and restored its glory, and humans, dwarves and elves have jointly built a new Neverwinter City. However, the evil forces are still plotting in the dark, trying to destroy it. As a member of the Ferencian continent, players will play the role of great adventurers in taking care of the peace and prosperity of Neverwinter City, destroying the power to destroy it.

DND is the world's first commercial desktop role-playing game. The rules and game forms developed by Dungeons and Dragons have had a huge impact on the desktop and computer role-playing games of later generations. The Neverwinter series is based on the third and 3.5 rules. Neverwinter is based on the fourth edition of the rules that are more suitable for online games.

Rules, settings and backgrounds, which affect each other and complement each other, form the core rules of DND games. Neverwinter is based on the Neverwinter campaign settings. The game can not only see the classic gameplay and character image in DND, but also the tradition. Compared with online games, it has a more rigorous and profound story.

In Neverwinter, in addition to the dragon and dungeon styles of the game's mainline and regional plots, players can experience a more distinctive campaign system as the game version is updated. Often accompanied by the opening of the new campaign, there will be new occupations, new races, new adventure maps, new attacks, new dungeon replicas and new game systems. has been providing cheap neverwinter zen! You are able to buy Cheapest Neverwinter Zen from! We will offer you the best and fast service.

In your first entry into the Neverwinter game, we will open the Battle of Sharonda for you, the Battle of Gunter Grimm and the Ring of Fear, providing the player with the Hunter Ranger, the Exiled Drow, the Moon Elf, and the Valinda Crown Fragment. Enrich game content. In addition, the content of the game will be completely included in the no winter city campaign setting, which means that the player various adventures in the game will be passed down into the D&D world to tell the stories and legends of the later generations.