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1/11/2019 12:20:32 AM

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Path of Exile's unique approach to loot-based action-RPG gameplay on both PC and Xbox One has become increasingly more ambitious over the years. With the developers at Grinding Gear Games diving into new content focusing monster-hunting, time-travel, and even the exciting world of cartography--each major expansion that introduced new gameplay and league features showed that there's still places for the game venture out to. But now, the creative team behind the free-to-play action-RPG aims to dig a bit deeper by focusing on the dangers and riches hidden in the darkness below the earth.

Grinding Gear Games has released the full, extremely detailed Delve patch notes for the upcoming expansion. There is far too much information to go through in this roundup, so if you’re curious about any of the additions or changes here’s are the Path of Exile patch notes for Content Update 3.4.0.

Delve is Path of Exile's first "infinite" dungeon crawl, taking place in dark, corrupted mines and tunnels. An inventor named Niko the Mad has concocted a steampunk solution to help players traverse the mine, where darkness can truly be lethal. Players will tether themselves to Niko's Crawler, which proceeds deep into the mine's caverns laying powered cables and lamps, helping light the way. Buy Cheap Path of Exile Currency from gain a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.

The idea of an infinite dungeon is something players have asked for before. I adore them. I put far too much time in Dungeon Hack and the Neverwinter Nights: Infinite Dungeons module. I asked Wilson why this was coming as a Challenge League expansion instead of a permanent offering, and he said Grinding Gear worried players would enjoy a never-ending delve so much that they’d never come out and play the story portion of the game.

Players can begin their expedition almost immediately, with each area in Wraeclast containing its own Sulphite deposits. These deposits will pop up over the course of natural gameplay. Once Sulphite is spotted, it's a simple matter of clicking on the Sulphite to bring Niko along to dig it out. Players can then opt to accompany Niko to the mine immediately or pocket the Sulphite until later. The mine's rewards become greater the farther the player is able to travel and the longer they're able to stay alive. Those looking for the best treasures can exchange larger amounts of Sulphite for more time in the mine. Of course, the trick to getting treasure is also staying alive, so be sure your character is prepared for the journey.

Delve introduces a new NPC called Niko the Mad, an engineer and inventor who is obsessed with exploring this long-abandoned Azurite mine now plunged into deathly darkness. He's invented a light-emitting vehicle, called a Crawler, that automatically charts a course through the mines and lays a string of lights to illuminate its path. All the player needs to do is follow it to its destination to unlock the next portion of the infinite dungeon.