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12/29/2018 2:52:56 AM

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You must have gained a lot in last weekend’s event for Combat & Slayer. Well, in the RuneScape Winter Weekend 4 for Gathering & Support, you will have more bonus to take and more achievements to make. Just join in the Weekend 4 and have them all。

Time of RS Winter Weekend 4 - Gathering & Support

The event for the fourth Winter Weekend will begin at 12:00 UTC on Friday Dec. 21, and end at 12:00 UTC on Monday Dec. 24. You will be able to make a large improvement in Gathering & Support within this time span.

What can you gain during this weekend?

First, some of the tasks involving Gathering & Support skill will be made easy so that you can harvest more using less efforts. When you harvest the resources of uncharted isles, there will be 10% more chance not to deplete these resources. Besides, the speed of the replenishment will be doubled when you mine trees and rocks. You will also get one more loot as you hunt on this Weekend. In addition, the loots, as well as the chance to get totems, from safecracking will be increased to grant you more experience in Thieving. To offer you more bonus in Divination skill training, the knowledge fragments in the Hall of Memories will spawn more frequently while the training hotspots there will move less frequently.

Second, this Winter Weekend will bring you more adventures and rewards. The chance of activating The Pit Minigame will be increased. In The Pit, there will be more tasks and rewards to improve your skill of Agility.

Come and enjoy the bonus and rewards in RS Winter Weekend 4 - Gathering & Support. You will surely gain a lot. And with the cheap RS gold from RSorder, you are guaranteed to gain more.