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IMAGEPEDIA is a "community created and maintained" open-access database of pathology images made available free of charge to anyone interested in learning from and contributing to digital pathology images. It features a sort-able image library in all facets of pathology including gross pathology, histopathology, normal histology, cytology, microbiology, electron microscopy, or clinical pathology. You create and maintain your own collection using an automated system.
Submit images to create your own image library.

You may submit images in any valid formats, such as jpeg, png, and tiff, among others. The file size must be 4.0 MB or less. The maximum display width is 600 px. You may submit images 600 px (Width) by 450 px (Height) or larger. Smaller or larger than 600 px images are scaled to 600 px width for consistency of viewing and conformity to page. You may submit pathology images in any category.

Posting an image on IMAGEPEDIA is simple, quick, and fun. Images are posted using Submit image function. A sequence of simple steps include: Upload image > Add title > Add tags / keywords > Add description > Add category > Add subcategory > Add image to a set > Add set to a collection > Choose privacy setting > Save image. Repeat the process for more images. Tags / Keywords must be entered in a comma separated list, such as tag1, tag2, tag3, and so on. A tag / keyword that consists of two or more words must be enclosed by a single pair of commas, one at the beginning and one at the end.
Submit images to create your own image library.

Some level of organization already occurs as you choose category and subcategory of images. A 'set' consists of one or more images from the same entity, such as a set of images of "Burkitt lymphoma" or a set of images of "Glomus tumor." A 'collection' consists of one or more similar sets of images, such as "B-cell lymphomas" could be a collection of a set of Burkitt lymphoma, a set of mantle cell lymphoma, and a set of follicular lymphoma. A 'collection' serves as a superset. One or more collections are part of a subcategory of any one of the image categories, such as histopathology or cytology.

Yes, you can. After submission you may edit an image from the IMAGEPEDIA page. You must be logged in to perform this task. The title and description may be edited either from the IMAGEPEDIA page directly or from the 'Submit image' page using the button "Edit image." The 'set' or the 'collection' of an image may be reassigned or their names edited only from the submit image page. You must contact pathpedia editor to delete an image.

You must have taken the image yourself, possessed ownership, or entitled to copyright to submit image and claim your copyright. All your images are protected by US copyright laws. When submitting an image you can choose from one of several different privacy levels. A 'public' image is visible to all whereas a 'private' image is only visible to you and pathpedia administration.

Make the most of IMAGEPEDIA in one of several ways: (1) Create your own digital image library, (2) Share your images with your peers, (3) Use images for educational purposes, (4) Show images in multidisciplinay conferences, (5) Learn from images submitted by your peers, (6) Contribute and get recognized in your field and across the globe.