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What is is a comprehensive web-based resource on human anatomical, clinical, and experimental pathology. The site serves a target audience including pathologists, pathologists-in-training, laboratory professionals, clinicians, medical scientists, and medical students. The site can also be useful to general public who want to learn about human pathology and medical laboratory tests.

Who owns is a privately-funded project started, operated, and managed by pathologists in the United States of America. The company is not affiliated, funded, or managed by any investment firms. The privately-funded operation allows for free access of many quality resources to pathologists worldwide. All aspects of the site are managed by our advisers whose consultations are invaluable to our success.

What are the core features?
  • Comprehensive scope
  • Global platform
  • Information sharing
What is offered now?
  • e-Atlas - hundreds of quality images
  • meetings lists - pathology meetings and educational courses from around the world
  • immuno - database of immunophenotype of normal and neoplastic tissue
  • forum - postings of questions, comments, discussions, ideas
  • updates - new research findings, protocols, and biotech updates
  • jobs - postings of jobs and CV from around the world
  • myFolder - your own space to organize your favorite links
What is coming next?
Come back and see for yourself

Enjoy! Give us feedback